Prix Davidoff – CigarMan of the Year

To write about oneself is one thing. We will let Urs Heller, Switzerland’s “master of pleasure,” write about us as we quote the GaultMillau 2010:

„When others only complain about the laws, Thomas Frei has long since done more and built – with enthusiasm and out of his own pocket.  His excellently, well-stocked cigar lounge in the pleasant 4-star Bernerhof Hotel in Gstaad belongs to the most beautiful in the entire country. He has indeed earned the “Prix Davidoff 2010.”

I am excited about this award because, in today’s day and age, the smoker’s life is not at all easy. The laws create obstacles and barriers and make the cigar smoker’s life difficult everywhere. Let’s be honest, cigar smokers are people, who enjoy life to the full – in the truest sense of the word. They spend their money easily and their zest for life is greater. Cigar smokers have broad knowledge about the various things of this world. Sports are not a foreign word to those who smoke. I myself could almost cough up my lungs- with joy more or less- during marathons and other running events, but not without enjoying a fine Davidoff afterwards.

Enjoy life and share life’s pleasures with friends.

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